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Three Tough Mothers: Jordan Palumbo

This is part one of a three-part series.

As she gets ready to wrap up her third year in the residential electrician program, Jordan Palumbo takes an immense amount of pride in how far she’s come.

“Day one, I didn’t even know how to cut in an outlet,” Palumbo said. “Now, I am wiring houses and running a bucket truck. It’s been a lot of fun and I’ve come a long way.”

After starting on a college path, Palumbo switched gears and was guided in a new career direction. Her dad saw an advertisement in the newspaper searching for electrical apprentices, and Palumbo applied. The rest is history.

YSU Student NECA Chapter generates proposal for energy challenge

Eight YSU students are putting their electrical skills to the test while looking to conserve their strong presence in a national, sustainable energy competition.

Members of the YSU Student Chapter of the National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA) are finalizing their proposal for the Green Energy Challenge, which tasks teams to analyze particular electrical construction management problems and create a proposal for an appropriate retrofit.

Once submitted, proposals are reviewed by a group of contractors and industry partners. The top three student teams are selected and invited to present their proposals at the national NECA Convention, which is in Philadelphia this September .

Faces of the Trade: Bonnie Esposito

Being part of a team provides an identity, instills inspiration and offers motivation when times are hard.

For Bonnie Esposito, team has taken on another meaning. In 2009, her son Marc was injured while serving overseas in the United States Air Force. She remembers talking to medical personnel at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center afterward.

“They said he’d never walk straight and had a lot of hardware in his legs,” Esposito said. “Pretty intense injuries. He was able to beat the odds and come back to a full recovery.”

Marc (left) and Bonnie...

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